US Oil And Gas Production Set To Break Record In 2023 Despite UN Treaty

"The United States is poised to extract more oil and gas than ever before in 2023, a year that is certain to be the hottest ever recorded, providing a daunting backdrop to crucial United Nations climate talks that hold the hope of an agreement to end the era of fossil fuels."

Source: Guardian, 11/28/2023

TV Forecasters Talk About Climate Change, But Face Pushback And Threats

"Chris Gloninger was excited to start his new job as chief meteorologist at KCCI, a TV station in Des Moines, when he moved to Iowa in 2021. He was coming from Boston to connect the dots between weather and climate change trends. Gloninger knew it might elicit some grumbling from Iowan viewers."

Source: KCUR, 11/28/2023

"Biden’s Absence at Climate Summit Highlights His Fossil Fuel Conundrum"

"President Biden signed the country’s first major climate law and is overseeing record federal investment in clean energy. In each of the past two years, he attended the annual United Nations climate summit, asserting American leadership in the fight against global warming. But this year, likely to be the hottest in recorded history, Mr. Biden is staying home."

Source: NYTimes, 11/28/2023

What Francis' Latest Climate Text Means for Upcoming UN Summit

Pope Francis’ planned history-making trip to the latest global climate conference has been thwarted by illness. But his passionate advocacy for the environment still will be felt through his hot-off-the-press apostolic exhortation about the climate crisis. National Catholic Reporter’s environment correspondent Brian Roewe unpacks the pope’s new eco-document and explains how it relates to international climate diplomacy at and beyond Dubai.

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Black Women Face Risks From Toxics in Beauty and Personal Care Products

"The FDA has finally proposed a ban on formaldehyde in hair straighteners, and new regulations on the cosmetics industry take effect next month. But one activist called them “a floor, not a ceiling.”"

Source: Inside Climate News, 11/27/2023

"U.S. Gas Prices Plunging as Holiday Travelers Hit the Road"

"With OPEC Plus members in disarray over production levels, oil prices have fallen nearly 20 percent in three months." "U.S. gasoline prices are plunging just in time for Thanksgiving, and with the OPEC Plus oil cartel in apparent disarray, they could be heading lower for Christmas."

Source: NYTimes, 11/27/2023


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