January 31, 2024

DEADLINE: Collier Prize for State Government Accountability

The $25,000 Collier Prize at the University of Florida is designed to encourage coverage of state-level government in every state, focusing on investigative and political reporting, in any medium or on any platform. It's open to any news organization. Deadline: Jan 31, 2024.

Topics on the Beat: 

"Scientists Say Health Should Be The Core Of Global Plastic Treaty"

"More than 20 international scientists put forth a plan today to encourage world leaders to put human health at the center of global plastic treaty negotiations taking place this week in Nairobi, Kenya."

Source: EHN, 11/15/2023

"Opinion: Uncounted Emissions: The Hidden Cost of Fossil Fuel Exports"

"Oil, gas, and coal exports are not counted when countries tally their greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris Agreement. This allows wealthy nations to report progress on emissions reduction goals, while shipping their fossil fuels — and the pollution they produce — overseas."

Source: YaleE360, 11/15/2023


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