“Giants of the Monsoon Forest: Living and Working With Elephants”

A new book, “Giants of the Monsoon Forest,” offers an intimate look at the lives of working elephants in conflict-ridden Myanmar, where one of the planet’s most majestic animals faces increasing pressures. BookShelf reviewer Melody Kemp, based in Laos, describes her own experience with elephants, their surprising history with man and hopeful possibilities for their future.

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Another Bad-News Year Ahead for U.S. Coal?

As U.S. coal’s comedown continues, our latest Issue Backgrounder takes a close look at the factors behind the industry’s decline and finds a combination of economics, competition and shifting global markets, along with aging technology, politics and environmental pushback. What’s in store for coal in 2020?

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"Radical Warming In Siberia Leaves Millions On Unstable Ground"

"ON THE ZYRYANKA RIVER, Russia — Andrey Danilov eased his motorboat onto the gravel riverbank, where the bones of a woolly mammoth lay scattered on the beach. A putrid odor filled the air — the stench of ancient plants and animals decomposing after millennia entombed in a frozen purgatory."

Source: Washington Post, 10/09/2019

Dengue Cases Are Surging Around The World. Some Blame Changing Climate

"KATHMANDU, Nepal — His boss fell sick first, with aching pains and a high temperature. Then, some of his colleagues began showing similar symptoms. By the time Rajkumar Adhikari, 35, grew feverish and started vomiting, he learned that the sickness had a name: dengue."

Source: Washington Post, 10/07/2019


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