Climate Change

"With Hope And Horror, Climate Fiction Writers Depict the Future"

To those in the know, Cli Fi was a thing several years ago. But now climate fiction has become a really big thing. After seeing the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" in 2004, one expert said the only thing he found unbelievable was that the Dick Cheney character admitted he had been wrong.

Source: ClimateWire, 05/05/2014

"Dam It: Feds Say U.S. Can Double Hydropower"

"The Grand Canyon was once targeted as a major dam site by the federal government, a project eventually scuttled after widespread protest. Nobody is revisiting the idea of a dam there, but a new U.S. Department of Energy report shows that the Grand Canyon and other major gorges and rivers across the U.S. may be ideal for hydropower development."

Source: Climate Central, 05/05/2014

"Epic Rains Deluge Florida Panhandle & Parts of Alabama"

"Strong storms have been moving over the Southeast since this weekend, spawning tornadoes from Alabama to Arkansas. On Tuesday they trekked further east, spreading heavy rain across the Alabama coast and Florida Panhandle. Rainfall totals for many cities in those regions were so high that they were closer to hurricane totals than spring storms."

Source: Climate Central, 05/02/2014


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