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When Sizing Up Threats to Biodiversity, Databases Can Help

Biodiversity is on the minds of many this week as international biodiversity treaty talks take place in Montreal. For environmental journalists covering the topic, there are a number of databases readily available that track endangered species in the United States and globally. The latest Reporter’s Toolbox has a helpful list. Plus, visit our new biodiversity “Topics on the Beat” page and keep on top of the latest biodiversity headlines with EJToday.

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"Okefenokee Titanium Mine Fight Escalates With Interior Move"

"Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s implicit threat of legal action against a proposed titanium dioxide mine on the flanks of Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp raises unresolved questions about the scope of the agency’s authority to protect public lands outside their boundaries, legal experts say."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 12/09/2022

"Biden Climate Rules Move Ahead Amid Wait for Final Carbon Metric"

"The Biden administration is forging ahead with federal regulations using a temporary figure to account for the costs of climate change, as a delay in finalizing a permanent estimate draws frustration from industry and advocates."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 11/10/2022

Bird Migration Explorer Can Help Hatch Environmental Stories

A new data mapper that allows users to track bird migrations is a cache of ideas for journalists looking to illustrate the connections between birds, habitats and human activity. The latest Reporter’s Toolbox takes a (non-geeky) look at the Bird Migration Explorer, how to best use it and the range of story possibilities it may yield.

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Reporting on Storm Chasing’s ‘Human Side’ Hints at Climate’s Future

Writer Noah Gallagher Shannon followed scientists into the heart of the megastorms ravaging an agricultural region in Argentina, and in the process learned not just about their high-risk fieldwork and what these massive thunderstorms might tell us about the storms of the future in the United States, but also their impact on affected communities. Find out about his reporting experience in this Inside Story Q&A.

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