"Nations Agree to Curb Emissions From Flying by 2050"

"After almost a decade of talks, the nations of the world committed Friday to drastically lower emissions of planet-warming gases from the world’s airplanes by 2050, a milestone in efforts to ease the climate effects of a fast-growing sector."

Source: NYTimes, 10/10/2022

"Biden Says the U.S. Is Eyeing ‘Alternatives’ to OPEC Oil"

"President Biden on Thursday defended his visit to Saudi Arabia this summer, in the wake of Wednesday’s decision by the Saudi-led cartel of oil-producing nations to cut production, which will likely raise gasoline prices in the United States."

Source: NYTimes, 10/07/2022

"Tribe Opposes Alaska’s 20-Mile Road Expansion"

"Some Nenana-area residents and tribal citizens say a state road project outside Nenana should be paused after what they describe as a failure by the state to adequately engage the public. The state wants to build 20 miles of new road to open access to agricultural opportunities and improve food security. But tribal members say expanding Totchaket Road will go through ancestral land and further exhaust subsistence opportunities."

Source: Alaska Beacon, 09/28/2022

"Exclusive: U.S. EPA To Consider Tougher Emissions Rules For Heavy Trucks"

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will consider adopting more stringent greenhouse gas emissions rules for heavy trucks after Congress passed new incentives to speed the adoption of zero-emission vehicles, the agency told Reuters."

Source: Reuters, 09/22/2022

"GOP’s Bad Blood Threatens Manchin Side Deal"

"Senate Republicans are threatening to sink Sen. Joe Manchin’s side deal on permitting reform, partly because they are still angry over the West Virginia Democrat’s flip-flop on the sweeping climate, health and tax bill that Congress passed last month."

Source: The Hill, 09/20/2022


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