"Imperial Oil Described Its Climate-Warming Business As 'Anti-Social'"

"The Canadian affiliate of ExxonMobil, the world’s largest publicly traded multinational oil and gas corporation, has known for decades that its operations were causing environmental damage and contributing to climate change, according to newly-released documents from a Calgary museum."

Source: National Observer, 04/28/2016

A New Titanic? US, Canada Prepare For Worst As Posh Arctic Cruise Sails

"On 13 April, coast guard officials from the US and Canada will train for a cruise ship catastrophe: a mass rescue from a luxury liner on its maiden voyage through the remote and deathly cold waters between the Northwest Passage and the Bering Strait."

Source: Guardian, 03/29/2016

Steam Injection Fractures Caprock in Big Alberta Spill, Regulator Says

"Three years after an eruption of 10,000 barrels of melted bitumen contaminated the boreal forest and groundwater near Cold Lake, Alberta, the provincial energy regulator has now officially blamed hydraulic fracturing, or the pressurized injection of steam into the ground for fracturing nearby rock."

Source: The Tyee, 03/24/2016

NEB Emails Reveal Pattern Of Off-Record Meetings With Pipeline Industry

"It was the Friday before Christmas and Joe Paviglianiti, a senior engineer at Canada’s federal pipeline watchdog, the National Energy Board sent an email to TransCanada Corp. “Sorry in advance for bothering you during your holidays,” he wrote on Dec. 19, 2014."

Source: National Observer, 03/18/2016


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