"EPA Again Orders Amazon To Stop Selling Illegal Pesticides"

"For the third time in three years, the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ordered Amazon to stop selling illegal pesticides on its online marketplace, saying the chemicals pose “a significant and immediate health risk to consumers, children, pets, and others exposed to the products.”"

Source: Seattle Times, 02/11/2021

Seeding Climate Stories in the Backyard Garden

Spring may be weeks away, but gardeners are already browsing the seed catalogs, and that makes it a good time for environmental journalists to apprise them of how climate change will affect their backyard patches. Reporter’s Toolbox talks “hardiness zones” and explains why one of the usual repositories of government information may fall short. That plus, story sources to, well, cultivate.

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"This GOP Congressman Wants To Remove 4 Dams To Save Idaho’s Salmon"

"An Idaho Republican congressman wants to end the salmon wars by removing select hydroelectric dams, replacing the electricity lost, paying communities and businesses, and giving American Indian tribes more power."

Source: Idaho Statesman, 02/08/2021

USDA Nominee Vilsack Clears First Hurdle, Says He Will Focus On Climate

"In a unanimous vote, the Senate Agriculture Committee on Tuesday afternoon advanced Tom Vilsack’s nomination as agriculture secretary, setting him up for a swift confirmation by the U.S. Senate." "If confirmed, he will reprise the role he held for eight years during the Obama administration, this time focusing on supporting and incentivizing farmers, ranchers and foresters to adopt climate-friendly practices".

Source: Washington Post, 02/03/2021

"A Consensus Builder for E.P.A. When Some Want a Fighter"

"As Michael S. Regan was settling in as North Carolina’s top environmental regulator in a new Democratic administration, a powerful Republican wanted to send a message to the young head of the state’s Department of Environmental Quality."

Source: NYTimes, 02/02/2021

Super-Heated Year Ahead on Energy & Environment News

The Biden administration has moved rapidly to reset energy and environment policies dramatically shifted by the Trump White House. But how quickly can such a reversal occur, what are the priorities and what are the critical pathways for change? To help sort out the latest news and track larger trends, SEJournal offers this overview and analysis, part of our extensive “2021 Journalists’ Guide to Energy & Environment.”

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