Colorado Releases First 5 Wolves In Reintroduction Plan Approved By Voters

"Somewhere on a remote mountainside in Colorado’s Rockies, a latch flipped on a crate and a wolf bounded out, heading toward the tree line. Then it stopped short. For a moment, the young female looked back at it’s audience of roughly 45 people who stared on in reverential silence. Then she disappeared into the forest."

Source: AP, 12/20/2023

"Brazil Congress Overturns Lula Veto On Limit To Indigenous Land Claims"

"Brazil's Congress on Thursday overturned a presidential veto that had struck down the core of a bill to limit Indigenous land claims, setting up a likely clash at the Supreme Court."

Source: Reuters, 12/15/2023

"Advocates Demand US Suspend Weed-Killing Chemical That May Cause Cancer"

"Citing new scientific research, a coalition of farm worker, public health and environmental advocates on Wednesday filed a legal petition with US regulators demanding they immediately suspend authorization for the controversial weed-killing chemical called glyphosate."

Source: Guardian, 12/15/2023

"Colorado Cattle Industry Sues Over Reintroduction Of Gray Wolves"

"The Colorado Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) and the Gunnison County Stockgrowers Association (GCSA) are taking legal action against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) “regarding the pending release of gray wolves in Colorado,” according to a blog post on the lawsuit from the CCA and GCSA, filed a couple of weeks before the wolves’ reintroduction as a result of a voter-approved initiative."

Source: The Hill, 12/13/2023

California Wants Farms To Capture Methane From Cow Manure; Neighbors Don't

"At a massive dairy farm in the San Joaquin Valley, nearly 14,000 Holstein cows crane their necks through feeding stalls and gnaw leisurely on alfalfa. Meanwhile, close to their hooves, a sprinkler system activates and flushes the herd's manure into nearby sewer grates. From there, the waste courses through a network of pipes and into an enormous lagoon covered by a thick vinyl tarp."

Source: LA Times, 12/13/2023

"How Will El Niño Affect The U.S. This Winter?"

"The most potent El Niño event in almost a decade is about to exert its peak influence on North American weather. Many parts of the world are affected by El Niño, a periodic one- to two-year warming of the eastern tropical Pacific. In fact, El Niño is the biggest single shaper of Earth’s year-to-year weather variations atop human-induced climate change. And North America is one of the places where El Niño’s influence is most pronounced."

Source: Yale Climate Connections, 12/13/2023

Lithium ‘Gold Mine’ Buried Under Portuguese Heritage Farming System

"The hilly Barroso region of northern Portugal has been recognized for its centuries-old and “globally important” farming system that combines agricultural biodiversity, resilient ecosystems and a valuable cultural heritage. But the region is also home to what’s believed to be one of Europe’s largest deposits of lithium ... ."

Source: Mongabay, 12/12/2023

Newsom Advances Delta Tunnel Project Despite Environmental Opposition

"In the face of heavy opposition from environmental groups, California Gov. Gavin Newsom and his administration are pushing forward with a controversial plan to build a 45-mile water tunnel beneath the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta—a project the governor says is vital to modernizing the state's aging water system."

Source: LA Times, 12/12/2023


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