NOAA Warns Of Water Cutbacks, Fires, And Low Reservoirs Amid Drought

"Dry weather is likely to persist in the U.S. in the coming months, with the possibility of water use cutbacks in California and the Southwest as more than half of the country experiences moderate to severe drought conditions, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said Thursday."

Source: The Hill, 03/22/2021

Feeding Cattle Seaweed Reduces Their Greenhouse Gas Emissions 82 Percent

"A bit of seaweed in cattle feed could reduce methane emissions from beef cattle as much as 82 percent, according to new findings from researchers at the University of California, Davis. The results, published today in the journal PLOS ONE, could pave the way for the sustainable production of livestock throughout the world."

Source:, 03/18/2021

Arizona Legislature Resists Attempts To Protect Groundwater And Rivers

"The Arizona Legislature has taken up a range of water-related measures this year, but some bills that would strengthen the state’s water rules to protect declining groundwater and desert streams have run into opposition and have failed to move forward."

Source: Arizona Republic, 03/11/2021

"US States Look To Step Up Wolf Kills, Pushed By Republicans"

"Payments for dead wolves. Unlimited hunting of the animals. Shooting wolves from the air. Wolf hunting policies in some states are taking an aggressive turn, as Republican lawmakers and conservative hunting groups push to curb their numbers and propose tactics shunned by many wildlife managers."

Source: AP, 03/08/2021

"Big Banks Make a Dangerous Bet on the World’s Growing Demand for Food"

"As global banking giants and investment firms vow to divest from polluting energy companies, they’re continuing to bankroll another major driver of the climate crisis: food and farming corporations that are responsible, directly or indirectly, for cutting down vast carbon-storing forests and spewing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere."

Source: Inside Climate News, 03/08/2021


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