“Diet for a Changing Climate: Food for Thought”

As our BookShelf column moves to a monthly schedule, we take a look at an imaginative take on how to deal with the spread of invasive species — eating them! A pair of children’s book authors offers insight into the problem for young adult readers (and the rest of us), along with recipes. Read our review.

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"Lawmakers Reach Tentative Farm Bill Deal After Months-Long Impasse"

"Key lawmakers said Wednesday they have reached a tentative deal on a massive farm bill, breaking a months-long impasse over legislation that doles out more than $400 billion in federal funds for farm subsidies, food stamps and conservation efforts."

Source: Washington Post, 11/29/2018

"Chemicals on Our Food: When “Safe” May Not Really Be Safe"

"Weed killers in wheat crackers and cereals, insecticides in apple juice and a mix of multiple pesticides in spinach, string beans and other veggies – all are part of the daily diets of many Americans. For decades, federal officials have declared tiny traces of these contaminants to be safe. But a new wave of scientific scrutiny is challenging those assertions."

Source: EHN, 11/27/2018

CWD Spreads On Deer And Elk Farms As Wisconsin Control Efforts Stumble

"Rapidly growing numbers of cases of chronic wasting disease are appearing on deer and elk farms and hunting ranches in Wisconsin at the same time the state has pulled back on rules and procedures designed to limit the spread of the fatal brain disease among its captive and wild deer."

Source: Wisconsin Public Radio, 11/26/2018

Hog Waste Agreement Lacked Teeth; Some North Carolinians Left to Suffer

"Today, many farmers continue to store the waste in open pits despite the millions of dollars in private investment spent and years of research and political promises. The practice grows more hazardous with each hurricane that pounds the state."

Source: ProPublica, 11/26/2018


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