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"Contrary To Politicians’ Claims, Offshore Wind Farms Don’t Kill Whales"

"Scientists say there is no credible evidence linking offshore wind farms to whale deaths. But that hasn’t stopped conservative groups and ad hoc “not in my back yard”-style anti-development groups from making the connection."

Source: AP, 01/02/2024

"This Antarctic Octopus Has a Warning About Rising Sea Levels"

"Scientists have long wondered whether the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is a ticking time bomb in terms of sea level rise. New evidence from the DNA of a small octopus that lives in the Southern Ocean suggests that the ice sheet is indeed at risk of collapsing, according to a study published on Thursday in the journal Science."

Source: NYTimes, 12/22/2023

Colorado Releases First 5 Wolves In Reintroduction Plan Approved By Voters

"Somewhere on a remote mountainside in Colorado’s Rockies, a latch flipped on a crate and a wolf bounded out, heading toward the tree line. Then it stopped short. For a moment, the young female looked back at it’s audience of roughly 45 people who stared on in reverential silence. Then she disappeared into the forest."

Source: AP, 12/20/2023


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