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"Adapt, Move or Die? Plants and Animals Face New Pressures in a Warming World"

"The world continues to hit alarming records. Last year was the warmest since record keeping began in 1850. And the 10 warmest years have all occurred in the past decade. The implications for life on Earth are vast. More than 1 million species are already at risk of extinction — a number that’s likely to increase with climate pressures."

Source: The Revelator, 03/12/2024

"Colorado Could Bring Back Wolverines In An Unprecedented Rewilding Effort"

"A bipartisan group of Colorado lawmakers are proposing legislation to reintroduce wolverines, one of the country’s rarest carnivores, into a state primed with deep snow and high mountains. The unprecedented move would be the first wolverine reintroduction in North America, and is part of an ongoing effort by Coloradans to restore the state’s native species."

Source: Guardian, 03/12/2024

Six Ways To Cover the Environmental Impacts of Animal Agriculture

Animal agriculture is a massive industry with a vast environmental footprint, so there are plenty of reporting opportunities for journalists on the “eat beat.” In the second of two parts, following last week’s examination of diet-related greenhouse gas emissions, food-and-climate journalist Jenny Splitter serves up a variety of story ideas and information sources, plus some thoughts on solutions journalism.

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Rare Gray Whale Seen Off Nantucket Is Good And Bad News, Says Cape Expert

"An unusual visitor to local waters has caused a stir among the region's marine scientists: a gray whale. Researchers with the New England Aquarium's aerial survey team on Tuesday reported spotting the whale 30 miles south of Nantucket during a flight on Friday — a sighting they said is "incredibly rare," considering the species has been extinct in the Atlantic Ocean for more than two centuries."

Source: Cape Cod Times, 03/08/2024

Mining Company Can’t Tap Water Needed For Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge: USFWS

"A federal agency is asserting legal rights to waters that feed the Okefenokee Swamp and its vast wildlife refuge, setting up a new battle with a mining company seeking permits to withdraw more than 1.4 million gallons daily for a project that critics say could irreparably harm one of America’s natural treasures."

Source: AP, 03/06/2024

"Norway Gives Arctic Foxes A Helping Hand Amid Climate Woes"

"One by one, the crate doors swing open and five Arctic foxes bound off into the snowy landscape. In the wilds of southern Norway, the newly freed foxes could struggle to find enough to eat, as the impacts of climate change make the foxes’ traditional rodent prey more scarce."

Source: Reuters, 03/05/2024

"One-Fifth Of Mekong River Fish Species Face Extinction, Report Says"

"Unsustainable development threatens the health and diverse fish populations of the Mekong river, with one-fifth of fish species in Southeast Asia's main artery facing extinction, a report by conservation groups said on Monday."

Source: Reuters, 03/05/2024


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