"Debt Standoff Makes Forest Agency Fight All Fires"

"The FLAME Act of 2009 was supposed to ensure the Forest Service had enough money to fight fires without having to cut into programs to provide recreation, protect habitat and improve forest health. But after Congress raided the fund established by the law during the 2011 standoff over the debt ceiling, and after further cuts this year, the fund is empty."

Source: Idaho Statesman, 08/23/2012

"Clean Water Act’s Anti-Pollution Goals Prove Elusive"

"Beside Seattle’s notoriously polluted Duwamish River, an excavator scoops up small pieces of waste metal and slings them onto a rusty mountain at Seattle Iron & Metals Corp. A pile of flattened cars and trucks squats nearby amid vast sheets of scrap metal. For at least the last four years, this auto-shredder and metal recycler has dumped more pollutants into the river than allowed under the federal Clean Water Act, government records show. The levels have ranged higher than 250 times above what’s known to harm salmon that migrate through the river."

September 18, 2012 to September 20, 2012

Climate Change Adaptation Forum Focusing on Food Security and Traditional Plant Use

This forum is for community‐level practitioners, academics, government representatives and community leaders who work in the area of climate change adaptation in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities in Canada and Tribes in the United States.


"Oregonians Fear Harmful Effects From Timberland Herbicides"

Rural residents near forest tracts in Oregon have tested positive for 2,4-D (an ingredient in Agent Orange) and atrazine in their urine -- and they think timber companies are to blame.

"BLACHLY, Ore. -- Six years ago, Eron King, an artist and young mother, moved from the edge of Eugene to a creekside plot of forest valley so her two boys could grow up raising hens and Toggenburg goats.

"Western Wildfires Force Evacuations, Firefighter Killed"

"Hundreds of firefighters battled a pair of wildfires that burned out of control in Northern California for a second day on Monday, threatening a clothing-optional resort and forcing the evacuation of some 500 homes. Meanwhile, authorities said a U.S. Forest Service firefighter was killed in Idaho while battling a blaze there."

Source: Reuters, 08/14/2012


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