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"Cop15: Historic Deal Struck To Halt Biodiversity Loss By 2030"

"Governments appear to have signed a once-in-a-decade deal to halt the destruction of Earth’s ecosystems, but the agreement seems to have been forced through by the Chinese president, ignoring the objections of some African states."

Source: Guardian, 12/19/2022

China’s Return To Wildlife Farming Risks Global Health And Biodiversity

"China appears to be weakening its post-Covid restrictions on the farming of wildlife such as porcupines, civets and bamboo rats, which raises a new risk to public health and biodiversity, warn NGOs and experts."

Source: Guardian, 12/16/2022

"In Bolivia, Mercury Pollution Spreads Amid a Surge in Gold Mining"

"A boom in small-scale gold mining in Bolivia has raised concerns about pollution from mercury used in the mining process. Researchers are citing the health impacts on downstream villages, but the government has yet to act to stem the widespread use of the highly toxic chemical."

Source: YaleE360, 12/15/2022

"Whitebark Pine That Feeds Grizzlies Is Threatened, US Says"

"Whitebark pine trees can live more than 1,000 years, but in just two decades more than a quarter of the trees that are a key food source for some grizzly bears have been killed by disease, climate change, wildfires and voracious beetles, government officials said as they announced federal protections Wednesday."

Source: AP, 12/15/2022

"Nevada Flower Listed As Endangered At Lithium Mine Site"

"A Nevada wildflower was declared endangered at the only place it’s known to exist — on a high-desert ridge where a lithium mine is planned to help meet growing demand for electric car batteries, U.S. wildlife officials announced Wednesday."

Source: AP, 12/15/2022

"Developing Nations Halt COP15 Talks After Biodiversity Fund Demand"

"Delegates from dozens of developing nations walked out of crunch financing talks overnight at the U.N. COP15 biodiversity summit in Montreal, citing a lack of compromise from wealthy countries as negotiations intensify to agree a new global nature pact."

Source: Thomson Reuters Fdn., 12/15/2022

"Ladakh Herders Endeavor To Save Future on Climate Frontier"

"Nomad Tsering Angchuk vows to stay put in his remote village in India’s Ladakh region. His two sons and most of his fellow villagers have migrated to a nearby urban settlement but Angchuk is determined to herd his flock of fine cashmere-producing goats in the treeless Kharnak village, a hauntingly beautiful but unforgiving, cold mountainous desert."

Source: AP, 12/14/2022

"Starving Seabirds On Alaska Coast Show Climate Change Peril"

"Dead and dying seabirds collected on the coasts of the northern Bering and southern Chukchi seas over the past six years reveal how the Arctic’s fast-changing climate is threatening the ecosystems and people who live there, according to a report released Tuesday by U.S. scientists."

Source: AP, 12/14/2022


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