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"Hawaii National Park Gets Land Where Ancient Villages Stood"

"Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island was given new land on Tuesday in a deal that will protect and manage a pristine white sand beach and ocean bay area that is home to endangered and endemic species and to rare, culturally significant Native Hawaiian artifacts."

Source: AP, 07/13/2022

"US Cruise Ships Using Canada as a 'Toilet Bowl' for Polluted Waste"

"Lax Canadian regulations create ‘perverse incentive’ for US cruise ships en route to Alaska to discharge toxic mix of chemicals and wastewater off British Columbia, report says".

Source: Guardian, 07/12/2022

Reporting Ocean Stories Is Key to Blue Literacy, Planetary Health

As part of a Society of Environmental Journalists publishing project focused on covering climate solutions, we take a closer look at ocean-based solutions. In this special tipsheet, ocean scientist and science writer Juli Berwald offers a primer on the climate-related challenges and possibilities in the global ocean’s physics, chemistry and biology. Plus, check out an expanded toolbox with reporting resources and watch a recent SEJ webinar.

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"Amazon Deforestation Hits New Record In Brazil"

"Deforestation of the Amazon hit a new record during the first half of 2022, the Brazilian Space Agency reported Friday, deepening concerns that the vast rainforest’s critical role in protecting the planet’s health will be irreparably damaged."

Source: Washington Post, 07/11/2022

Beat Reporter Looks to Get Ahead of the Story

As Brazil’s wetlands burned and as the country illegally shipped wood from the Amazon and scaled back environmental enforcement amid the pandemic, award-winning journalist Jake Spring of Reuters was there, telling tough, sometimes dangerous stories. Spring shares insights into his “just the facts” reporting, including the surprises and the lessons, and offers some practical advice in this Inside Story Q&A.

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