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"Supreme Court Limits Historic McGirt Ruling"

"The United States Supreme Court has limited the scope of its historic McGirt decision. In a 5-4 vote, the high court ruled in Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta that the state of Oklahoma has concurrent jurisdiction and the ability to prosecute non-Natives when the victim is Native and the crime is committed on tribal land."

Source: ICT, 06/30/2022

Amid Heat Waves, Data on Heat Deaths Deadly Serious

Heat waves, heat domes … heat deaths. The reality of climate change means a grim uptick in fatalities, more so from excess heat than any other kind of extreme weather event. Reporter’s Toolbox points to useful data sources for covering the crisis, with insights on how to go behind the numbers to find the stories of those most vulnerable to heat’s effects.

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#SEJSpotlight: Leah Mahan, Independent Documentary Filmmaker

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Meet SEJ member Leah Mahan! Leah is an independent documentary filmmaker whose work has been nominated by the Directors Guild of America for Outstanding Directorial Achievement. She is also a nonfiction producer, writer, storytelling consultant and teacher.


Environmental Journalist Recounts His Historical Slave-Era Find

The historic discovery of the Clotilda — America’s “Last Slave Ship” — is only part of the story told in a new book by Alabama-based journalist Ben Raines, which tells the far larger tale about the ship’s survivors, the remarkable Jim Crow-era community they created and its ultimate erosion when faced by decades of environmental racism. A review by BookShelf Editor Tom Henry.

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