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January 24, 2024 to January 26, 2024

Media Briefing on Plastic Pollution in Port Arthur, Texas

Beyond Plastics and the Port Arthur Community Action Network are hosting a free media briefing for journalists on multiple issues related to plastics, including a kickoff by  Dr. Robert Bullard on the 24th and a “toxic tour”of Port Arthur on the 26th. Lodging and meals included if you register by Dec 1.


"Biden Suspends 26 Environmental Laws to Build Border Wall"

"President Joe Biden is suspending 26 environmental laws to build a border wall in south Texas, a move announced by the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday. The laws include the Clean Air Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and National Environmental Policy Act—all waived in favor of constructing a border wall to stop migrants fleeing into the U.S. through Mexico."

Source: Earther, 10/06/2023

Oil Firms Helped Craft Texas’ New Waste Rules For 2 Years Before The Public

"State regulators on Monday released their draft rules for what to do with all the hazardous oilfield waste that’s left over once a well is drilled. The announcement gives the public one month to comment on the new rules — while some industry representatives started giving input more than two years ago, documents and interviews show."

Source: Texas Tribune, 10/05/2023

Arizona To Cancel Leases Allowing Saudi-Owned Farm Access To Its Groundwater

"Arizona governor Katie Hobbs said this week her administration is terminating state land leases that for years have given a Saudi-owned farm nearly unfettered access to pump groundwater in the dry southwestern state."

Source: AP, 10/04/2023

"Houston OKs $5M To Relocate Residents Near Polluted Union Pacific Yard

"Houston officials on Wednesday approved $5 million for a fund to help relocate residents from neighborhoods located near a rail yard polluted by a cancer-linked wood preservative that has been blamed for an increase in cancer cases."

Source: AP, 09/28/2023

Disabilities and Disasters — What Questions Should You Be Asking Planners?

As hurricane season ramps up, how are the disaster planners considering those with disabilities in your community? Texas-based journalist Greg Harman shares the story of one group that sued their city over claims it failed to properly prepare. And he extracts some rules of thumb to help determine if emergency planners are taking those with disabilities into consideration where you are.

SEJ Publication Types: 
October 26, 2023 to October 27, 2023

Carbon Capture Deep Dive

The Funder Collaborative on Oil and Gas invites journalists to Houston to explore what’s behind big oil’s relentless marketing campaign and what’s at stake for communities. Meals and hotel accommodations will be provided for the first 40 journalists to register. Speakers include Dr. Robert D. Bullard and others.



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