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"Imelda Leaves 2 Dead In Texas, Others Stranded And Trapped"

"The slow-churning remnants of Tropical Storm Imelda that flooded parts of Texas left at least two people dead and rescue crews with boats scrambling to reach stranded drivers and families trapped in their homes during a relentless downpour that drew comparisons to Hurricane Harvey two years ago."

Source: AP, 09/20/2019

Algae — Society’s Big, Green … and Emerging Menace

It’s poisoning fresh waters across the United States, as well as elsewhere in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Blue-green algae is on the rise, lingering later and later into the year. Our new Issue Backgrounder explains the contributing factors behind the potent toxin’s scourge, its societal and public health ramifications, and the many angles and resources to tell the story.

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November 8, 2019

Mining Law Summit

The University of Arizona’s College of Law invites you to attend our fourth annual Mining Law Summit, entitled "Mining Law for the Heavens and the Depths of the Sea." Cost is $50.

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Plastics Industry Emits 1/4 Of Houston Industrial Air Pollution: Report

"The plastics industry is responsible for nearly a fourth of the industrial air pollution in the Houston area, a share that is expected to rise as the number of new plants and expansions doubles in the next few years, a new study found."

Source: Houston Chronicle, 09/06/2019

“Superpower: One Man’s Quest to Transform American Energy”

The new book, “Superpower: One Man’s Quest to Transform American Energy,” takes what our reviewer calls an illuminating look into the politics and economics of energy development. The volume examines the decade-long effort to build long-distance transmission lines for wind-generated electricity. More in our latest BookShelf review.

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Trump EPA Appoints Former Oil Executive to Head South-Central Region

"The Trump administration named a former oil executive who has voiced doubts about man-made global warming as the top Environmental Protection Agency official in the South-Central United States, a hub of the fossil fuel industry as well as the site of recent climate-driven disasters such as Hurricane Harvey."

Source: InsideClimate News, 08/08/2019

Texas Sues Exxon Mobil Over Environmental Violations From Baytown Fire

"The state of Texas is suing Exxon Mobil for environmental violations, including releasing millions of gallons of firefighting wastewater into the Houston Ship Channel after the petrochemical giant’s most recent fire and explosion in Baytown."

Source: Houston Chronicle, 08/07/2019

Judge Blocks Rosemont Copper Mine, Overturning Forest Service Decision

"A federal judge blocked construction of a giant copper mine in Arizona’s Coronado National Forest, overturning a decision by the federal government and handing a major victory to environmental groups and tribes that have been fighting plans for the mine."

Source: Arizona Republic, 08/02/2019


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