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2004 Archives: SEJ Speaks on FOI Issues

September 10, 2004
SEJ opposes rider with new FOIA exemption for satellite data and studies on Earth resources

The Society of Environmental Journalists joined other journalism groups September 10, 2004, urging Congressional leaders to strip a new FOIA exemption for certain satellite data on the Earth's resources from the 2005 Defense Authorization Bill (S 2400).


2005 Archives: SEJ Speaks on FOI Issues

November 15, 2005
SEJ joins call for post-Katrina FEMA contract disclosure

SEJ joined a number of open-government groups in urging President Bush to post online full copies of all contracts and other paperwork authorizing spending for relief and recovery efforts following Hurricane Katrina.


2006 Archives: SEJ Speaks on FOI Issues

November 29, 2006
SEJ urges NIEHS not to privatize environmental health magazine

SEJ wrote the director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences today, asking him to abandon plans to downgrade and privatize its flagship, open-access journal, Environmental Health Perspectives. The magazine is renowned for publishing free online cutting-edge research on relevant and timely topics — in non-technical terms and in multiple languages.


2007 Archives: SEJ Speaks on FOI Issues

December 12, 2007
SEJ president testifies at Interior photo-fee hearing

The Society of Environmental Journalists told the House Natural Resources Committee Dec. 12 that the Interior Department could unduly restrict news media access to parks and refuges with its proposed rule requiring fees and permits for "commercial filming."


2008 Archives: SEJ Speaks on FOI Issues

December 19, 2008
SEJ voices concern over axing of CNN enviro-science units

The Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) joined several national and international science journalism organizations in writing a strong letter to CNN regarding its "shortsighted decision to cut its science, technology and environment unit in one fell swoop.... at a time when science coverage could not be more important in our national and international discourse." 


2002 Archives: SEJ Speaks on FOI Issues

November 18, 2002
SEJ Task Force voices concern over FOIA exemptions in Homeland Security Act to key U.S. senators

On Monday, November 18, 2002, the SEJ Task Force again voiced its concern over the FOIA exemptions contained in the Homeland Security Act. SEJ President Dan Fagin, board liaison Jim Bruggers and SEJ Freedom of Information Task Force chair Ken Ward, Jr. signed a letter sent to several key senators, urging them to support compromise language that had previously been agreed to.



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