"Postal Service Will Electrify Trucks By 2026 In Climate Win For Biden"

"The U.S. Postal Service will buy 66,000 vehicles to build one of the largest electric fleets in the nation, Biden administration officials announced Tuesday, turning to one of the most recognizable vehicles on American roads — boxy white mail trucks — to fight climate change."

Source: Washington Post, 12/21/2022

Tribes Accuse Calif. Water Board Of Discrimination And Urge EPA Oversight

"A coalition of California tribes and environmental justice groups filed a civil rights complaint Friday against the State Water Resources Control Board, charging it with discriminatory water management practices that it says have led to the ecological decline of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta."

Source: LA Times, 12/19/2022

"How to Hand Out Billions in Climate Subsidies? Very Carefully."

"John Podesta, President Biden’s clean energy adviser, said the administration was working to ensure that a record $370 billion in new federal subsidies for electric vehicles, wind farms, batteries and other clean energy technologies is spent properly and avoids waste and abuse."

Source: NYTimes, 12/16/2022

"FERC Climate Reviews In Limbo As Glick Departs"

"The head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission had big plans at the start of the Biden administration for assessing planet-warming emissions from new gas pipelines. But with FERC Chair Richard Glick’s time at the agency likely coming to an end, the commission’s path forward on climate assessments is as murky as ever."

Source: E&E News, 12/16/2022

"Parched Peru Is Restoring Pre-Incan Dikes To Solve Its Water Problem"

"On a mountainside high above Peru’s capital, Javier Obispo pauses from the backbreaking work of renovating an amuna. The abandoned irrigation dike distributed water before Europeans came to South America."

Source: Washington Post, 12/13/2022


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