"Hundreds Of Thousands Drop Flood Insurance As Rates Rise"

"When the Federal Emergency Management Agency overhauled its flood insurance program last year, it wanted to encourage homeowners to buy coverage by showing them more precisely the risk that each property faces of being flooded. But instead, hundreds of thousands of people have dropped the flood policies they were buying through FEMA, raising concerns that an unprecedented number of households are financially exposed to flood damage."

Source: E&E News, 08/17/2022

"Shadowy Oil and Gas Interests Are Deciding Texas' Energy Fate"

"The future of Texas’ troubled electric grid is being decided in the dark, with zero public input, by a group of people with deep connections to the fossil fuel industry."

Source: Earther, 08/17/2022

"Billions in Feds’ Spending on Megafire Risks Seen as Misdirected"

"Congress is spending billions to save communities from Western megafires by thinning large swaths of forests even as scientists say climate change-driven drought and heat are too extreme for it to work. The money would be better spent thinning woods closest to homes and shoring up houses against embers raining down from firestorms, according to academics, former agency officials, and others who study wildfires."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 08/09/2022

"EPA Seeks To Add DINP Plasticizer To Toxics Release Inventory"

"Twenty years after first suggesting it, federal regulators on Monday proposed adding a group of plastic additives common in toys, flooring and fabric coatings to its list of toxic chemicals, concluding that it can "reasonably be anticipated to cause cancer and serious or irreversible chronic health effects in humans.""

Source: EHN, 08/09/2022

"Automakers Blitz Congress to Fix an EV Tax Credit They Can’t Use"

"Automakers including Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. are making a last-ditch lobbying push to change Democrats’ proposed new spending bill over concern that they stand to lose out from strict new limits on electric-vehicle credits."

Source: Bloomberg, 08/03/2022


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