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September 17, 2015

DEADLINE: Metcalf Seminar "Climate Change and the News: Planning for Sea Level Rise & Extreme Weather"

As policy discussions heat up in advance of the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in December, journalists are invited to apply for a free seminar exploring U.S. responses to coastal climate change impacts. This Metcalf Institute seminar will be held in Cambridge, MA on Nov 4, at the 2015 Rising Seas Summit.


Ten Years After Katrina: Lessons, Warnings, Rebuilding

As the 10th anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe approaches, many news media are doing stories that try to make sense of it. For journalists, it's an inexhaustible subject because it's about people's lives and the moral perils of the governments we choose. It's about the looming catastrophes we deny.

August 12, 2015

DEADLINE: IJNR Chesapeake Bay Institute

The Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources will take journalists to Maryland, Sep 15-20, 2015, to explore threats to the Chesapeake Bay region, including nonpoint source pollution, depleted fisheries, and a population that grows by 100,000 residents each year. Apply by Aug 12.


Eagle ‘Hot Spot’ in Virginia Could Be Replaced By Golf Course, Resort

"TAPPAHANNOCK, Va. — The emerald tree canopy on this town’s scenic high cliffs is something of a luxury community for bald eagles. There are gorgeous views of the Rappahannock River, nice fishing and tasty seafood. Best of all, it’s one of the top places in the Chesapeake Bay region to raise their young."

Source: Wash Post, 07/22/2015
April 28, 2023

DEADLINE: Lorenzo Natali Media Prize

The European Commission rewards outstanding reporting on sustainable development. 2023 entries should relate to topics of inequality, poverty eradication, sustainable development, environment, biodiversity, climate action and more. Cash prizes of €10,000 in each of three categories. Enter by Apr 28.


Between the Lines: When the Cure Is Worse Than the Disease

For the latest Between the Lines – a question-and-answer feature in which published authors provide advice to SEJ members – SEJournal Book Editor Tom Henry interviewed Jörg Friedrichs, author of “The Future Is Not What It Used to Be: Climate Change and Energy Scarcity,” which received an honorable mention in the Rachel Carson Environment Book Award category of SEJ’s 2014 annual awards contest. The book offers a unique perspective by explaining how transitions between climatic eras of the past are unlikely to happen again because infinite growth is not possible. Friedrichs, a native of Germany, is an associate professor in politics at the University of Oxford in England.

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